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Behind proxy

If you are using Debian at work and you need to update/upgrade or even install any debian package through apt and you are behind some MS proxy server (that’s my case) you need to install ntlmaps package and export some variables:

function proxy(){
echo -n username:
read -e username
echo -n password:
read -es password
export http_proxy=http://$username:$password@proxyaddress:port/
export ftp_proxy=http://$username:$password@proxyaddress:port/
echo -e \nProxy environment variable set.

Don’t forget to change: proxyaddress:port. With this everything should work.

Want to know more? There are two references I read: 1, 2.

Camera + Debian

I don’t know why my camera isn’t added in the default gphoto-udev rules… however adding:

SYSFS{idVendor}==”040a”, SYSFS{idProduct}==”059c”, MODE=”0660″, GROUP=”camera”




“An error occurred in the io-library. (Could not claim the USB device). Could not claim interface 0 (operation not permitted). Make sure no other program or kernel module (such as sdc2xx, stu680, spca50x) is using the device and you have read/write access to the device.”

You need, of course, to add your user to camera group. Nice pictures by the way.

Working again

I’m running Debian Sid in my laptop and I still don’t know why the Debian package team uses a older ndiswrapper version, current version (1.8), sometimes works and some others crashes the kernel, after downloading most recent version (1.16) and installing, my PCMCIA card is working again :-),

root@decadence:~/Documents/Downloads/wireless/WINXP# dmesg |tail
pccard: CardBus card inserted into slot 0
ndiswrapper version 1.16 loaded (preempt=no,smp=no)
ndiswrapper: driver mrv8k51 (Marvell,01/19/2004, loaded
PCI: Enabling device 0000:03:00.0 (0000 -> 0002)
ACPI: PCI Interrupt 0000:03:00.0[A] -> Link [LNKA] -> GSI 11 (level, low) -> IRQ 11
PCI: Setting latency timer of device 0000:03:00.0 to 64
ndiswrapper: using irq 11
wlan0: vendor: 'Marvell 802.11 Driver'
wlan0: ndiswrapper ethernet device 00:0c:55:01:40:78 using driver mrv8k51, 11AB:1FA6.5.conf
wlan0: encryption modes supported: WEP; TKIP with WPA

Hours later

And yes.. some hours later, some debs downloaded.. GNOME 2.14!! Now I have a mix of GNOME 2.14 and 2.12, but runs quite good, faster and I just love it! :)

Today two things happened, first I noticed that we will use dbus for IPC, great news! second, 6 seconds delays is too much, need to increase performance in my current development less delay is better.

GNOME 2.14

BTW, Using testing/unstable is quite risky but I like living in the edge, however even I’m running testing/unstable the ndiswrapper packages for current kernel aren’t packaged, yet, at least officially, so if you are using a ndiswrapper-enabled wireless card, you need to add:

deb http://puga.vdu.lt/debian sarge main
deb-src http://puga.vdu.lt/debian sarge main
deb http://puga.vdu.lt/debian sid main
deb-src http://puga.vdu.lt/debian sid main

to your sources.lists, works for me. Don’t forget:

# apt-get install wireless-tools

Update: ndiswrapper stills crashes, if you enable it using /etc/modules crashes kernel, sometimes works some others crashes keyboard… so.. still unstable, will wait for next ndiswrapper relase.