Clickjacking and Facebook

Sometimes it amuses me how stupid and innocent we (humans) are. Detecting a scam when getting an email or receiving a call saying you won X amount of dollars is easy to tell. But when a friend is saying something is more complicated to detect the trick. Because it’s your friend saying it and you somehow trust him/her. Right?

Tonight I noticed the following link on my Facebook wall:


Yes the first thing you notice is the butt of what it looks like a “schoolgirl”. It looks fishy after you see that lots of your friends liked that link. Is a really good meme or a trick. Anyway after googling (the email included in the source code of the page) I found an interesting analysis of all this. It is so fascinating. Take your time to read that blog. Is really interesting.

Disclaimer: I would lie to you by saying I didn’t click it. I did it indeed. Naughty Mario I shouldn’t had clicked it. But hey I’m a man!! The photo was depicting a schoolgirl. I had to click it!! :)

One thought on “Clickjacking and Facebook”

  1. Yet it’s so easy to detect… Just look at the URL or application that issued the message. “”… how can you click on that.

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